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2003-11-28 Thread R. A. Hettinga
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Re: Problems with GPG El Gamal signing keys?

2003-11-28 Thread Ralf Senderek
On Thu, 27 Nov 2003, Werner Koch wrote: Yes, yes, I should have removed ElGamal signing key support back in 1998 when there was no more need for it. I recall that some folks begged me not to do that and I took the wrong decision. I think no-one will blame you for this, you couldn't have

Re: Open Source Embedded SSL - (License and Memory)

2003-11-28 Thread Ian Grigg
J Harper wrote: 1) Not GPL or LPGL, please. I'm a fan of the GPL for most things, but for embedded software, especially in the security domain, it's a killer. I'm supposed to allow users to modify the software that runs on their secure token? And on a small platform where there

ADMIN: apologies -- testing

2003-11-28 Thread Perry E . Metzger
We're having some trouble with a subtle bug on one of our mail delivery machines for cryptography, which appears to have slowed down delivery of the list recently. I unfortunately may have to send out a couple of test messages to the list, like this one, so we can trace the problem completely.