Re: Definitions of Security?

2004-04-15 Thread Arnold G. Reinhold
At 4:01 PM +0200 4/14/04, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, I'm looking for interesting and unusal defitions of the term Security (or secure). I'm fully aware that it is difficult or impossible to give a precise, compact, and universal definitions, and some book authors explicitely say so. However,

Re: AES suitable for protecting Top Secret information

2004-04-15 Thread Arnold G. Reinhold
I was the one who updated the Wikipedia entry . It was shortly before the cryptography list came back up. I found the June 2003 CNSS fact sheet while looking for other information on NIST's standards program. The first reference that I found that suggested AES could be used for classified was

DIMACS Workshop on Electronic Voting -- Theory and Practice

2004-04-15 Thread Linda Casals
* DIMACS Workshop on Electronic Voting -- Theory and Practice May 26 - 27, 2004 DIMACS Center, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ Organizers: Markus Jakobsson, RSA Laboratories, [EMAIL PROTECTED] Ari Juels,

RE: voting

2004-04-15 Thread John Kelsey
At 11:05 AM 4/9/04 -0400, Trei, Peter wrote: ... 1. The use of receipts which a voter takes from the voting place to 'verify' that their vote was correctly included in the total opens the way for voter coercion. I think the VoteHere scheme and David Chaum's scheme both claim to solve this