Re: An interesting new computer security problem

2004-09-30 Thread David Honig
At 12:58 PM 9/27/04 -0600, Anne Lynn Wheeler wrote: At 11:03 PM 9/24/2004, Peter Gutmann wrote: A few days ago I was chatting with some people working on a government IT project who had a rather complex security problem that they needed help with. They have a large number of users with Windows

IBM's original S-Boxes for DES?

2004-09-30 Thread Nicolai Moles-Benfell
Hi, A number of sources state that the NSA changed the S-Boxes (and reduced the key size) of IBM's original DES submission, and that these change were made to strengthen the cipher against differential/linear/?? cryptanalysis. Does anybody have a reference to, or have an electronic copy of these

Re: Linux-based wireless mesh suite adds crypto engine support

2004-09-30 Thread Jonathan Thornburg
On Mon, 27 Sep 2004, Bill Stewart wrote: [[about the Via crypto sets]] The hard part is trust - Cryptography Research did a study last year about the quality of the random number generator, and found that you get about 0.75 bits of entropy per output bit, or 0.99 if you do Von Neumann

DIMACS Workshop on Mobile and Wireless Security

2004-09-30 Thread Linda Casals
* DIMACS Workshop on Mobile and Wireless Security November 3 - 4, 2004 DIMACS Center, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ Organizers: Bill Arbaugh, University of Maryland, [EMAIL PROTECTED] Presented under