Re: AES Modes

2004-10-12 Thread Ian Grigg
Jack Lloyd also passed along lots of good comments I'd like to forward (having gained permission) FTR. I've edited them for brevity and pertinence. Jack Lloyd wrote: If it's small messages, CCM would probably work pretty well. Personally I think CCM is really poorly designed (in terms of easy

Re: Cash, Credit -- or Prints?

2004-10-12 Thread Frank Siebenlist
Can anyone explain how sophisticated those fingerprint readers are? Are there readers out there that by themselves are secure devices and essentially are able to talk with their servers thru the PCs/workstations over a protocol such that any man-in-the-middle, like a driver, can not learn

Congress Close to Establishing Rules for Driver's Licenses

2004-10-12 Thread R.A. Hettinga The New York Times October 11, 2004 Congress Close to Establishing Rules for Driver's Licenses By MATTHEW L. WALD ASHINGTON, Oct. 10 - Following a recommendation of the Sept. 11 commission, the House and Senate

Re: AES Modes

2004-10-12 Thread John Kelsey
From: Ian Grigg [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Oct 10, 2004 11:11 AM To: Metzdowd Crypto [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: AES Modes I'm looking for basic mode to encrypt blocks (using AES) of about 1k in length, +/- an order of magnitude. Looking at the above table (2nd link) there are oodles of proposed