Re: What happened with the session fixation bug?

2005-05-21 Thread Anne Lynn Wheeler
James A. Donald wrote: PKI was designed to defeat man in the middle attacks based on network sniffing, or DNS hijacking, which turned out to be less of a threat than expected. all of them may have been less than expected ... the comoningly recognized SSL certificate issuers (that have their

Anti-colliding certificates

2005-05-21 Thread Weger, B.M.M. de
Hi All, It's nice to see that my message on anti-colliding certificates finally got through. To fully appreciate its contents you should set back your internal clock to the date the message was originally sent. Grtz, Benne de Weger

Re: DES FIPS is finally withdrawn.

2005-05-21 Thread Lance James
Perry E. Metzger wrote: At long last, the DES FIPSes are withdrawn: Any comments on the NSA SHA-2 patents? -- Best Regards, Lance James Secure Science Corporation Author of 'Phishing Exposed' Have