Re: When people ask for security holes as features

2005-08-19 Thread Alex Alten
At 07:37 PM 8/18/2005 +1200, Peter Gutmann wrote: Raymond Chen's blog has an interesting look at companies trying to bypass Windows XP's checks that a driver has been WHQL-certified: These guys are amateurs. There are registery flags and COM functions that will prevent the dialogs from

Re: Fwd: Tor security advisory: DH handshake flaw

2005-08-19 Thread Hal Finney
- Forwarded message from Roger Dingledine [EMAIL PROTECTED] - In Tor, clients negotiate a separate ephemeral DH handshake with each server in the circuit, such that no single server (Bob) in the circuit can know both the client (Alice) and her destinations. The DH handshake is as