Re: automatic toll collection, was Japan Puts Its Money on E-Cash

2005-12-15 Thread John Levine
And, while there is a privacy issue, optical license plate readers are getting good enough that the issue may soon be moot. Seems moot now. The 407 toll road around Toronto has no toll booths at all. If you drive on it frequently, you can get a transponder but otherwise, they take a picture

Re: How security could benefit from high volume spam

2005-12-15 Thread Alexander Klimov
On Wed, 14 Dec 2005, Hadmut Danisch wrote: Maybe in near future the advantages of that noise produced by millions of bots will outweigh the disadvantages? First of all, even if you receive 1000 spams a day plus a message from your commander it does not give you much since the spams are from

Looking for fast KASUMI implementation

2005-12-15 Thread james hughes
Hello list: I have research project that is looking for a fast -software- implementation of the KASUMI block cipher. I have found many papers on doing this in hardware, but nothing in software. While free is better (as is beer), I will consider a purchase. FYI, KASUMI is the