more MD5 collisions

2006-03-20 Thread Mads Rasmussen
John Black, Martin Cochran, and Trevor Highland had an optimized attack at FSE this year, they also released a toolkit for finding the collisions and playing around with the attack techniques. toolkit available at

Re: NPR : E-Mail Encryption Rare in Everyday Use

2006-03-20 Thread Peter Saint-Andre
Ian G wrote: Chris Palmer wrote: Peter Saint-Andre writes: 3. I see on your site you use and advertise for CACert. I hope CACert's signing cert(s) are never trusted by my browser, because then my browser would trust any

Creativity and security

2006-03-20 Thread leichter_jerrold
I was tearing up some old credit card receipts recently - after all these years, enough vendors continue to print full CC numbers on receipts that I'm hesitant to just toss them as is, though I doubt there are many dumpster divers looking for this stuff any more - when I found a great example of

pipad, was Re: bounded storage model - why is R organized as 2-d array?

2006-03-20 Thread Travis H.
Anyone see a reason why the digits of Pi wouldn't form an excellent public large (infinite, actually) string of random bits? There's even an efficient digit-extraction (a/k/a random access to fractional bits) formula, conveniently base 16: I dub this