Locating private keys in RAM?

2006-09-05 Thread Douglas F. Calvert
Hello, I remember seeing a paper about identifying private keys in RAM. I thought it was by Rivest but I can not locate it for the life of me. Does anyone remember reading something like this? The basic operation was to identify areas in RAM that had certain characteristics such as random bits

Re: signing all outbound email

2006-09-05 Thread Massimiliano Pala
Jon Callas wrote: On 4 Sep 2006, at 4:13 AM, Travis H. wrote: Has anyone created hooks in MTAs so that they automagically [...] Go look at http://www.dkim.org/ for many more details. This approach is MTA-to-MTA... if you want something more MTA-to-MUA, then you can take a look at this:

Re: IGE mode in OpenSSL

2006-09-05 Thread Ben Laurie
Travis H. wrote: By the term crib do you mean a known-plaintext? Yes. I'd like to see a proof that it is not possible to alter the final block to make it decrypt to all zeroes; that seems worse than CRCs and putting a CRC at the end of the plaintext is a common, and often broken, way to do