RE: cellphones as room bugs

2006-12-05 Thread Ian Farquhar (ifarquha)
The other problem for this technique is battery life. Let's assume we can shove a firmware update/hack/whatever into the phone to enable snooping, it's still transmitting when acting as a bug. Even if this feature is only enabled when the phone is geolocated somewhere interesting, the

Re: Can you keep a secret? This encrypted drive can...

2006-12-05 Thread Jon Callas
I just ran a speed test on my laptop. Here are some relevant excerpts: CipherKey Size Block Size Enc KB/sec Dec KB/sec -- -- -- IDEA 128 bits 8 bytes 24032.0924030.66 3DES 192 bits 8 bytes 10387.6710399.30 CAST5

Re: Verified by VISA looks phishy

2006-12-05 Thread Jon Barber
Yes, the whole Verified By Visa / Mastercard SecureCode initiative has been handled very badly by the banks. I work at a very large travel dotcom based in the UK, in the team that looks after the shopping basket and payments. We were one of the first sites to add support for 3D secure (the

Re: Verified by VISA looks phishy

2006-12-05 Thread Peter Gutmann
Alan Barrett [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: The web site claimed to be part of a system called Verified by VISA, and asked me for the PIN that I use for ATM transactions with my credit card. Verified by VISA was something that Visa came up with after being burned by SET. Instead of