randomness in space..

2006-12-13 Thread dan
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Re: cellphones as room bugs

2006-12-13 Thread John Levine
8Kbit/second is enough if all you need is to understand what is being said, not recognize the speaker. The processing power to do this is pretty small on today's scale of things.) With decent compression techniques, 8kbps is close to telephone quality, and 2400bps has artifacts but is still

quantum crypto rears its head again.

2006-12-13 Thread Perry E. Metzger
I saw this link on Slashdot (and it was also on Ekr's blog): http://hackreport.net/2006/12/13/quantum-cryptography-its-some-kind-of-magiq/ It appears that the quantum crypto meme just won't go away. Bob Gelfond of MagiQ promises us that for only $100,000, plus monthly leasing of a dry fiber