Re: 307 digit number factored

2007-05-26 Thread Anne Lynn Wheeler
StealthMonger wrote: This would destroy the protection of one who depends on off-line, message-based communication for self-defense. Such a person may create and maintain a persistent pseudonym through untraceable chains of random latency, anonymizing remailers which thwart traffic analysis

Fwd: Study on the standardisation aspects of eSignatures

2007-05-26 Thread Stefan Kelm
from the 'yet another study on signatures of the month' list: Von: isss-forum - CENORM created 6 March 98 [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Im Auftrag von Van den Berghe Luc Gesendet: Freitag, 18. Mai 2007 09:00 An: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Betreff: Re: Study on the standardisation aspects of eSignatures

Re: crypto maxims

2007-05-26 Thread Richard Salz
I have posted my ideas on defensive use of crypto here: This is not about cipher design, it's more about protocol design and implementation. And the very first thing that happened is my browser complained about the SSL

stickers can deter car theft

2007-05-26 Thread James Muir
I thought this was an interesting security-related story: quoting from the article: The black-and-yellow sticker, which only costs a loonie, is an invitation for police to pull over your vehicle if it's on the road after 1

RE: stickers can deter car theft

2007-05-26 Thread Dave Korn
On 26 May 2007 04:33, James Muir wrote: Anyone heard of this before? Been happening all over the place for several years now. Many references at cheers, DaveK -- Can't think of a witty .sigline today

A crazy thought?

2007-05-26 Thread Allen
Hi Gang, In a class I was in today a statement was made that there is no way that anyone could present someone else's digital signature as their own because no one has has their private key to sign it with. This was in the context of a CA certificate which had it inside. I tried to suggest