Re: Estimated 10 million dollars lost in parking meter fraud

2008-04-22 Thread James Muir
michael taylor wrote: The city is playing a $10M game of catchup to stymie thieves using bogus credit cards to get free parking An assuming read. The article mentions the Europark Card; you buy it online for $15 (the

Re: Snake oil crypto of the day: BabelSecure Samurai

2008-04-22 Thread james hughes
The company and all it's assets are for sale. Starting price $20M. On Apr 16, 2008, at 8:49 PM, Ali, Saqib wrote: See: Snake-oil sales pitch: The creators of BabelSecure are so confident in the ability and

Re: Cruising the stacks and finding stuff

2008-04-22 Thread Leichter, Jerry
| ...How bad is brute force here for AES? Say you have a chip that can do | ten billion test keys a second -- far beyond what we can do now. Say | you have a machine with 10,000 of them in it. That's 10^17 years worth | of machine time, or about 7 million times the lifetime of the universe | so

Re: Cruising the stacks and finding stuff

2008-04-22 Thread Sandy Harris
Perry E. Metzger [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Now, it is entirely possible that someone will come up with a much smarter attack against AES than brute force. I'm just speaking of how bad brute force is. The fact that brute force is so bad is why people go for better attacks, and even the A5/1