Re: First sighting of real-life AFM data retrieval? [¡PING! Peter G...]

2008-09-19 Thread Peter Gutmann
Dave Korn [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: After getting a search warrant and confiscating his hard drive, investigators were forced to scour through its remains using an electron microscope, and the price of $100,000 per pass. The claim

Re: once more, with feeling.

2008-09-19 Thread Peter Gutmann
IanG [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Any evidence of that? [People buying certs using stolen credit cards] I don't know if anyone tracks the exact count (apart from the 2005 figure of (at least) 450 recorded incidents of secure phishing) but every now and then you get reports of particular ones that

Re: Cookie Monster

2008-09-19 Thread James A. Donald
EMC IMAP wrote: Yet another web attack: My own conclusion from this: This is yet another indication that the whole browser authentication model is irretrievably broken. It's just way too complex, with way too many moving parts

Re: Cookie Monster

2008-09-19 Thread Leichter, Jerry
On Fri, 19 Sep 2008, Barney Wolff wrote: | Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2008 01:54:42 -0400 | From: Barney Wolff [EMAIL PROTECTED] | To: EMC IMAP [EMAIL PROTECTED] | Cc: Cryptography | Subject: Re: Cookie Monster | | On Wed, Sep 17, 2008 at 06:39:54PM -0400, EMC IMAP wrote: | Yet

Lava lamp random number generator made useful?

2008-09-19 Thread Jerry Leichter
The Lava Lamp Random Number generator (at generates true random numbers from the images of a couple of lava lamps. Of course, as a source of randomness for cryptographic purposes, it's useless because it's visible to everyone (though I suppose it might be used for