CryptoPhone source and CryptoPhone for Windows released

2003-12-14 Thread Barry Wels
that some bugs may still be in there as we concentrated our efforts primarily on the testing and debugging of our commercial product GSMK CryptoPhone 100. With regards, Barry Wels - The Cryptography Mailing List Unsubscribe

Re: Code breakers crack GSM cellphone encryption/GNU Radio

2003-09-11 Thread Barry Wels
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GSM : listen in to a call while it is still at the ringing stage ...

2003-09-04 Thread Barry Wels GSM Association downplays mobile security concerns von John Walko September 3, 2003 (4:13 p.m. GMT) LONDON - The GSM Association is playing down concerns raised by a team of Israeli scientists about the security of GSM mobile calls. The