Re: statistical inferences and PRNG characterization

2006-05-22 Thread Bill Tompkins
Travis H. wrote: Hi, I've been wondering about the proper application of statistics with regard to comparing PRNGs and encrypted text to truly random sources. As I understand it, when looking at output, one can take a hypothetical source model (e.g. P(0) = 0.3, P(1) = 0.7, all bits

Re: Open Source Embedded SSL - Export Questions

2003-11-26 Thread Bill Tompkins
On Mon, 2003-11-24 at 21:06, J Harper wrote: ...snip... We're not looking for official legal advice, just some pointers to current online resources of how to go about registering our product in the US. I've seen posts that for SSL implementations you just need to send a letter to the