Re: the return of key escrow?

2006-02-19 Thread Peter Clay
and it becomes known all hell breaks loose and they get banned from half their markets. Some form of crazy overcomplicated key escrow system might happen; might as well tie people's TCPA keys to their biometric identity cards, right? Pete -- Peter Clay | Campaign

Re: automatic toll collection, was Japan Puts Its Money on E-Cash

2005-12-16 Thread Peter Clay
on motorways for detecting speeding, or GPS devices for national road pricing. It's also planning on building a vast database of everyone's name, address, biometrics, and fingerprints. Pete * automatic number plate recognition -- Peter Clay | Campaign

Re: [Clips] Banks Seek Better Online-Security Tools

2005-12-13 Thread Peter Clay
(in addition to the civil liberties reasons). My solution to the credit fraud problem is simple: raise the burden of proof for negative credit reports and pursuing people for money. Pete -- Peter Clay | Campaign

Re: Hooking nym to wikipedia

2005-10-04 Thread Peter Clay
regimes to simply have anyone found using Tor taken out and shot; has this been addressed?) Pete -- Peter Clay | Campaign for _ _| .__ | Digital

Re: A National ID

2004-06-01 Thread Peter Clay
of RISKS for ways in which big national databases can go wrong. Pete -- Peter Clay | Campaign for _ _| .__ | Digital / / | | | Rights

RE: Open Source (was Simple SSL/TLS - Some Questions)

2003-10-09 Thread Peter Clay
software that becomes widely used, then they should make a free IP-over-TCP solution that works on Windows and Linux which uses password authentication. Pete -- Peter Clay | Campaign for _ _| .__ | Digital