Re: Question w.r.t. AES-CBC IV

2010-07-10 Thread Peter Gutmann (alt)
Ralph Holz writes: CTR mode seems a better choice here. Without getting too technical, security of CTR mode holds as long as the IVs used are fresh whereas security of CBC mode requires IVs to be random. Unfortunately CTR mode, being a stream cipher, fails


2010-07-09 Thread Peter Gutmann (alt)
GPS tracking units that you can fit to your car to track where your kids are taking it (or *cough* other purposes) have been around for awhile now. It's interesting to see that recently the sorts of places that'll sell you card skimmers and RFID cloners have started selling miniature GPS jammers

Re: Against Rekeying

2010-03-26 Thread Peter Gutmann (alt)
Nicolas Williams writes: I made much the same point, but just so we're clear, SSHv2 re-keying has been interoperating widely since 2005. (I was at Connectathon, and while the details of Cthon testing are proprietary, I can generalize and tell you that interop in this