Re: It seems being in an explosion isn't enough...

2008-05-09 Thread mark seiden-via mac
i think the issue may simply devolve to lower areal density in the old drives. i.e. the bits are bigger. does anyone know if they used encodings that were more tolerant of certain kinds of errors in the past which are less common (and so, not worth doing) than now? On May 9, 2008, at

Re: two-person login?

2008-01-29 Thread mark seiden-via mac
another term you might look for (used in physical security and financial controls) is dual custody or sometimes double custody. (if you're searching, add -child or security for better search quality) i don't see why the analogies are not apt. one question is whether the two people can

Re: Lack of fraud reporting paths considered harmful.

2008-01-26 Thread mark seiden-via mac
yes, the reputation of/quality of reporters needs to be measured, and the reported information needs to be enough to accomplish an auth or a card purchase. the card issuer can then use a credible report as a hint to increase the level of attention to the reported cards. it's in a