Re: [Cryptography] Snowden fabricated digital keys to get access to NSA servers?

2013-06-29 Thread Alec Muffett
[John here. Let's try some speculation about what this phrase, fabricating digital keys, might mean.] My own, personal guess is that it is obfuscation which translates as using passwords or accessing a portal over SSL plus we're too embarrassed to admit that it was that easy. --

Re: Photos of an FBI tracking device found by a suspect

2010-10-08 Thread Alec Muffett
Original post with nicer pics: Semi-relevant government pricelist: -a --

OTR splicer for Skype ?

2009-09-28 Thread Alec Muffett
I found the following Adium-based solution for layering OTR atop Skype IM: ...and was wondering whether anyone has generalised this by creating some open-source, standalone, simple application which talks to the

Re: FileVault on other than home directories on MacOS?

2009-09-23 Thread Alec Muffett
In Disk Utility - New Image, select size, properties and encryption type (AES 128 or 256) and Create. Then mount and use your encrypted disks as needed. Just as an aside: on 10.5 and upwards I have taken to using encrypted sparse bundles rather than simple images; the advantage of doing

From Ivory Tower to Iron Bars: Scientists Risk Jail Time for Violating Export Laws

2009-09-18 Thread Alec Muffett
Perry: plasma physics is wildly OT but I believe the relevance will be obvious to those who remember the crypto wars, especially when they hit the fifth paragraph: It’s a difficult subject: many people I interviewed felt Roth showed blatant disregard for the law — he was warned his work

Re: Why the poor uptake of encrypted email?

2008-12-09 Thread Alec Muffett
On 8 Dec 2008, at 21:13, JOHN GALT wrote: The iconic Paper explaining this is Why Johnny Can't Encrypt available here: Orlbaq gur Jul Wbuaal cncre - sbphfvat hcba hfnovyvgl - V guvax gurer vf n uvture ceboyrz bs vagrebcrenovyvgl naq

AppleID Security

2008-07-24 Thread Alec Muffett
Disclaimer: Yes, I am referenced, but I've been blarting about this for nearly two years now, and nobody's paid the slighest notice before; the matter of making website security both a) easy and b) better can now only become *more* urgent.