Hashcash and ecash for spam prevention

2004-05-25 Thread Anonymous
Recently someone proposed a system which combined ecash and hashcash for email postage. Here is some analysis. There are already proposals and even some working code for hashcash email postage. See http://www.camram.org/. This is intended as an anti-spam measure. The idea is that to send

New info on Palladium

2003-11-12 Thread Anonymous
For some updated news about NGSCB, aka Palladium, go to the Microsoft NGSCB newsgroup page at http://communities.microsoft.com/newsgroups/default.asp?icp=ngscbslcid=us. This might be a good forum for cypherpunks to ask questions about Palladium. There was a particularly informative posting by

Interlock protocol chat program source code

2003-10-06 Thread Anonymous
, f_out); } } } /* Setup and handshake functions */ /* Do an anonymous DH exchange */ static int dodh (int prio, FILE *f_in, FILE *f_out) { my_x = BN_new(); my_y = BN_new(); shared = BN_new(); p = BN_new(); q = BN_new(); g

Re: traffic analysis

2003-08-29 Thread Anonymous
, and other characteristics of the payload. And this does not require wide-area synchronization. If incoming packets are delayed or lost, outgoing packets may have to include nulls (i.e. cover traffic). Suppose you are engaged in a video conference with another party via an anonymous real-time

Re: traffix analysis

2003-08-28 Thread Anonymous
* have communicated. This is not true, and in fact this result is one of the most important to have been obtained in the anonymity community in the past decade. The impossibility of practical, strong, real-time anonymous communication has undoubtedly played a role in the lack of deployment

Precomputed DH parameters

2003-07-07 Thread Anonymous
A number of SSL-enabled applications use precomputed public DH parameters (p and g) generated for use in the SKIP protocol. The original page appears to be off the air; here's an archived version: http://web.archive.org/web/20011212141438/http://www.skip-vpn.org/spec/numbers.html#params

Re: Maybe It's Snake Oil All the Way Down

2003-06-07 Thread Anonymous Sender
James A. Donald writes: Suppose the e-gold, to prevent this sea of spam trying to get people to login to fake e-gold sites, wanted people to use public keys instead of shared secrets, making your secret key the instrument that controls the account instead of your shared password. They