Re: SSL and Malicious Hardware/Software

2008-05-06 Thread Arcane Jill
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Fingerprint Firefox Plugin?

2007-10-23 Thread Arcane Jill
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Protection against offline dictionary attack on static files

2003-11-12 Thread Arcane Jill
Hi, It's possible I may be reinventing the wheel here, so my apologies if that's so, but it occurs to me that there's a defence against an offline dictionary attack on an encrypted file. Here's what I mean: Say you have a file, and you want to keep it secret. What do you do? Obviously you

RE: Open Source (was Simple SSL/TLS - Some Questions)

2003-10-08 Thread Arcane Jill
Okay, okay. I've got the message. I give in. The toolkit will be distributed with the most generous, most liberal license possible. This means that (basically) anyone can do pretty much anything with it, including release binaries compiled with it. I'm happy with this decision. It means that