Re: why are CAs charging so much for certs anyway? (Re: End of the line for Ireland's dotcom star)

2003-09-25 Thread Damian Gerow
On Wed, 24 Sep 2003 15:33:56 -0700, thus spake Adam Back [EMAIL PROTECTED]: : You'd have thought there would be plenty of scope for certs to be sold : for a couple of $ / year. Eg. by one of the registrars bundling a : cert with your domain registration. I mean if someone can provide DNS :

Re: fyi: bear/enforcer open-source TCPA project

2003-09-11 Thread Damian Gerow
Thus spake Rich Salz ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [11/09/03 08:51]: You propose to put a key into a physical device and give it to the public, and expect that they will never recover the key from it? Seems unwise. You think the public can crack FIPS devices? This is mass-market, not govt-level