Fwd: [IP] U.S. Agents Seize Travelers' Devices

2008-02-09 Thread David Chessler
From: David Farber [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: ip [EMAIL PROTECTED] From: Sashikumar N [sashikumar.n@ ] Sent: Thursday, February 07, 2008 1:46 PM To: David Farber Subject: U.S. Agents Seize Travelers' Devices Dear Prof Dave, Happen to read this link from

Truecrypt Encryption (WAS: Fwd: [IP] Re: Encrypted laptop poses legal dilemma)

2008-02-09 Thread David Chessler
I forwarded a couple of messages about US Customs seizing computers, sometimes failing to return them, and demanding passwords. Cellphones are also sometimes seized. The TSA claims it does not do this. This can cause problems for people who travel with company-sensitive or other private

Re: padlocks with backdoors - TSA approved

2007-02-27 Thread David Chessler
At 03:20 PM 2/26/2007, you wrote: ?xml version=1.0 encoding=US-ASCII? Hi, has this been mentioned here before? I just had my crypto mightmare experience. I was in a (german!) outdoor shop to complete my equipment for my next trip, when I came to the rack with luggage padlocks (used to lock

Judge Hints at Code in 'Da Vinci' Ruling

2006-04-27 Thread David Chessler
http://www.helenair.com/articles/2006/04/26/ap/strange/d8h7t2f8n.txt http://www.helenair.com/articles/2006/04/26/ap/strange/d8h7s6805.prt Judge Hints at Code in 'Da Vinci' Ruling By JENNIFER QUINN LONDON - The judge who presided at the Da Vinci Code copyright infringement trial has put a code

USATODAY.com - EU needs more time for biometric passports

2005-05-20 Thread David Chessler
So much for the US government's big rush to get them done this year, to the extent that they haven't thought out the implications of the RFID chip (although they realize they should call it anything but RFID, because the acronym RFID is a magnet for animosity).

Reuters -- British Firm Breaks Ground in Surveillance Science

2005-03-20 Thread David Chessler
http://www.reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml?type=topNewsstoryID=7892255 http://www.reuters.com/printerFriendlyPopup.jhtml?type=topNewsstoryID=7892255 British Firm Breaks Ground in Surveillance Science Mon Mar 14, 2005 08:08 AM ET By Mark Trevelyan, Security Correspondent MALVERN, England (Reuters) -

Re: Clipper for luggage

2003-11-17 Thread David Chessler
At 03:00 PM 11/16/03, peter gutmann wrote: Bill Frantz [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: I usually travel with zipper closed duffel bags. I fasten the zipper closed with a screw link. Anyone can unscrew the link and get into the bag, but it does effectively keep the zipper closed in transit. I suppose