[Cryptography] Other curves and algos used in France

2013-09-13 Thread Erwann ABALEA
2013/9/10 james hughes hugh...@mac.com [...] Lastly, going a partial step seems strange also. Why do we what to put ourselves through this again so soon? The French government suggests 2048 now (for both RSA and DHE), and will only last 6 years. From

Re: Dell to Add Security Chip to PCs

2005-02-04 Thread Erwann ABALEA
, no worse. -- Erwann ABALEA [EMAIL PROTECTED] - RSA PGP Key ID: 0x2D0EABD5 - The Cryptography Mailing List Unsubscribe by sending unsubscribe cryptography to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

RE: Dell to Add Security Chip to PCs

2005-02-02 Thread Erwann ABALEA
is equiped with a TCPA chip. See the TCPA chip as a hardware security module integrated into your PC. An API exists to use it, and one if the functions of this API is 'take ownership', which has the effect of erasing it and regenerating new internal keys. -- Erwann ABALEA [EMAIL PROTECTED] - RSA PGP