Re: Traffic Analysis References

2006-10-23 Thread George Danezis
Hi Leandro, I am compiling a review paper on traffic analysis as well as a talk. They can be found here: These will soon be expanded (by January) since they are going to be

Re: Secure phones from VectroTel?

2006-05-23 Thread George Danezis
Hi all! The devices apparently use D-H key exchange to produce a 128 bit AES key which is then used as a stream cipher (presumably in OFB or a similar mode). Authentication appears to be via a 4 digit pin, certainly not the best of mechanisms. The 4-digit PIN should not automatically be

IPICS summer course in Computer Security

2006-05-17 Thread George Danezis
at: Contacts and further information: Web: Email: George Danezis (George.Danezis at esat kuleuven be) Claudia Diaz (Claudia.Diaz at esat kuleuven be) Prof. Bart Preneel