Re: Trusted timestamping

2009-10-07 Thread Harald Hanche-Olsen
+ Fearghas McKay Has been around since ~1995 and just works whenever I have used it, albeit some time ago. It publishes time stamp info on Usenet, which shows the last activity was in 2002...

xkcd has cracked the Voynich manuscript

2009-06-05 Thread Harald Hanche-Olsen
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Re: Kaminsky finds DNS exploit

2008-07-09 Thread Harald Hanche-Olsen
+ John Kemp [EMAIL PROTECTED]: It does seem he would like an air of some mystery to exist though until he makes his presentation about the issue at Defcon - did he, himself, discover something new? We'll just have to wait, unless we go play with the BIND code ourselves. Unless he is merely

Find me a hash

2006-02-08 Thread Harald Hanche-Olsen
Susan Landau has an article in the upcoming March issue of Notices of the AMS: Find me a hash. There is a short preview of the article here: it even includes a non-public (whatever that means) link to the paper itself: