RE: Open Source (was Simple SSL/TLS - Some Questions)

2003-10-08 Thread Jill Ramonsky
Too late. I've already started. Besides which, posts on this group suggest that there is a demand for such a toolkit. Also, I have a lot of interest in SSL/TLS, and no interest whatsoever in IPsec. I believe I am a competent programmer, but the fact is, if you want me to write something in my

Simple SSL/TLS - Some Questions

2003-10-03 Thread Jill Ramonsky
Having been greatly encouraged by people on this list to go ahead with a new SSL implementation, it looks like I am going to go for it, but I'd kinda like to not make any enemies in the process so I'll try to keep this list up to date with progress and decisions and stuff ... and I will ask a

RE: Monoculture

2003-10-02 Thread Jill Ramonsky
, since Alice can tell all of her friends don't use Microsoft). Jill -Original Message- From: Don Davis [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Thursday, October 02, 2003 1:26 PM To: Jill Ramonsky Cc: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: RE: Monoculture Is it possible for Bob to instruct his browser

RE: Monoculture

2003-10-01 Thread Jill Ramonsky
I could do an implementation of SSL. Speaking as a programmer with an interest in crypto, I'm fairly sure I could produce a cleanly implemented and simple-to-use version. I confess I didn't realise there was a need. You see, it's not that it doesn't seem to excite [me] - it's just that, well,

Looking for an N -out-of-M split algorithm

2003-07-16 Thread Jill . Ramonsky
Hi, I remember reading (many years ago) a description on some web page somewhere of an algorithm by which an arbitrary file F could be split into M pieces, such that: (1) given any N pieces, F can be reconstructed precisely, and (2) given fewer than N pieces, it is impossible to determine even a

Encrypted Virtual Drives

2003-07-08 Thread Jill . Ramonsky
Hi, Could anyone offer any thoughts on what is the "best" encrypted virtual disk drive, which can run on (at least) Windows XP Pro. I used to use the free version of PGPdisk (which you get with PGP version 6.0.2i), but that won't work with Windows XP. I also used to use ScramDisk, but


2003-06-16 Thread Jill . Ramonsky
This has got nothing whatsoever to do with session fixation. It _has_ however, got something to do with security. In particular, with authentication. [Moderator's note: Actually, it seems to have everything to do with session fixation. --Perry] I may be ignorant about a few things but I'm