Re: End of the line for Ireland's dotcom star

2003-09-23 Thread John Young
Lynn and John Saylior have raised an important point. Who at Baltimore, or was once there, is likely to be able to account for the security of the certs for customers who still rely upon them? Not somebody to spin a fairy tale, but to truthfully explain what Baltimore has done to avoid

GSM Crack Paper

2003-09-09 Thread John Young
Instant Ciphertext-Only Cryptanalysis of GSM Encrypted Communications, by Elad Barkan, Eli Biham, Nathan Keller (18 Pages, 234KB) Abstract. In this paper we present a very practical cipher-text only cryptanalysis of GSM encrypted communications, and

South African Crypto Regulation

2003-08-21 Thread John Young
We offer a recent South African government statement on encryption import and export regulation: - The Cryptography Mailing List Unsubscribe by sending unsubscribe cryptography to [EMAIL

Pre-cursor to Non-Secret Encryption

2003-06-18 Thread John Young
James Ellis, GCHQ, in his account of the development of non-secret encryption credits a Bell Laboratories 1944 report on Project C-43 for stimulating his conception: The Possibility of Secure Non-Secret Digital Encryption J. H.

Secrets of Computer Espionage: Tactics and Countermeasures

2003-06-11 Thread John Young
New book by Joel McNamara who runs the Tempest website: Secrets of Computer Espionage: Tactics and Countermeasures by Joel McNamara Covers electronic and wireless eavesdropping, computer surveillance,

Re: PGP Encryption Proves Powerful

2003-05-31 Thread John Young
If the FBI cannot crack PGP that does not mean other agencies with greater prowess cannot. It is unlikely that the capability to crack PGP would be publicly revealed for that would close an invaluable source of information. Intel crackers hardly ever reveal their most essential tools, though