XML signature HMAC truncation authentication bypass

2009-07-17 Thread Leandro Meiners
XML Signature Syntax and Processing (XMLDsig) is a W3C recommendation for providing integrity, message authentication, and/or signer authentication services for data. XMLDsig is commonly used by web services such as SOAP. The XMLDsig recommendation includes support for HMAC truncation, as

Traffic Analysis References

2006-10-19 Thread Leandro Meiners
Dear list, Can anybody point me to any good references regarding traffic analysis? regards, Leandro. -- Leandro Federico Meiners GnuPG key fingerprint: 7B98 C0F5 42A3 2BEE 44AF 9D19 936F 5957 27DF AE74 GnuPG-Key:

Any opinions on Kryptor...?

2006-09-08 Thread Leandro Meiners
Dear list, Has anybody heard about Kryptor? Any opinions? (Link: http://www.rosiello.org/modules/smartsection/visit.php?fileid=1) Regards, Leandro Meiners.- -- Leandro Federico Meiners - The Cryptography Mailing List