Countries that ban the use of crypto?

2005-12-07 Thread Lee Parkes
Hi, A colleague of mine is locked in a battle with a client about the use of NULL ciphers for OpenSSL. The client claims that he has/wants to allow NULL ciphers so that people in countries that ban the use of crypto can still use the website. My colleague wants to know if there is a list of such

Proving the randomness of a random number generator?

2005-12-02 Thread Lee Parkes
Hi, Apologies if this has been asked before. The company I work for has been asked to prove the randomness of a random number generator. I assume they mean an PRNG, but knowing my employer it could be anything.. I've turned the work down on the basis of having another gig that week. However, it

Re: FW: ATM machine security

2005-03-03 Thread Lee Parkes
On Thu, Feb 24, 2005 at 02:24:38AM +1100, Chris Trott wrote: My Apologies to the original poster here, but does this seem like a little human engineering to anyone else? No problem. As it happens the project I'm working on isn't for ATMs but for a system that shares some similarities: *

ATM machine security

2005-02-17 Thread Lee Parkes
Hi, I'm working on a project that requires a benchmark against which to judge various suppliers. The closest that has similar requirements is the ATM industry. To this end I'm looking for any papers, specifications or published attacks against ATM machines and their infrastructure. I'm also

3DES performance - Thanks!

2004-12-09 Thread Lee Parkes
Hi, Many thanks for all of the information regarding performance of the various algorithms! Cheers, Lee -- -- [EMAIL PROTECTED] DOC #25 GLASS #136 You can never break the chain There is never love without pain - Secret Touch, Rush

3DES performance

2004-12-08 Thread Lee Parkes
Hi, I'm working on a project for a company that involves the use of 3DES. They have asked me to find out what the overheads are for encrypting a binary file. There will be quite a lot of traffic coming in (in the region of hundreds of thousands of files per hour). Has anyone got any figures for