Re: Creativity and security

2006-03-21 Thread Olle Mulmo
Unfortunately, they haven't. In Europe I get receipts with different crossing-out patterns almost every week. And, with they I mean the builders of point-of-sale terminals: I don't think individual store owners are given a choice. Though I believe I have noticed a good trend in that I

Re: Bluetooth cracked further

2005-06-04 Thread Olle Mulmo
On Jun 4, 2005, at 14:12, Thomas Lakofski wrote: Finally, the PIN length ranges from 8 to 128 bits. Most manufacturers use a 4 digit PIN and supply it with the device. Obviously, customers should demand the ability to use longer PINs. Correction: Most manufacturers hardcode the 4-digit PIN

RE: Code breakers crack GSM cellphone encryption

2003-09-08 Thread Olle Mulmo
DCMA comes to mind: it could potentially make it a little harder to get your hands on any mass market eavesdropping tool. If you are terribly concerned about this, there are end-to-end encryption phones on the market that are used by military and others already today. Such systems come with a