Re: [Forwarded] RealID: How to become an unperson.

2005-07-12 Thread Peter Hendrickson
Perry Metzger wrote: So, the next time one of your friends in Germany asks why the crazy Americans think ID cards and such are a bad thing, remember my father, and remember all the people like him who fled to the US over the last couple hundred years and who left children that still remember

Re: M-209 broken in WWII

2004-10-07 Thread Peter Hendrickson
Hadmut Danisch quoted As a german codebreaker in World War II: Even experts didn't know until some years ago that german deciphering specialists broke ciphers of the allied in the second world war. German success against the M-209 is discussed in David Kahn's The Codebreakers. It cites a 1962

Beware of /dev/random on Mac OS X

2003-08-29 Thread Peter Hendrickson
It's a /dev/urandom which has been labeled /dev/random. It claims to be a Yarrow implementation so is presumably only 160 bits strong. (See From /dev/urandom is a compatibility nod to Linux. On Linux,