Re: traffic analysis

2003-08-29 Thread Ryan Lackey
is no fundamental need for high bandwidth interactive communications with low latency in most interesting applications, it's just how traditional client-server and p2p software has been designed so far. -- Ryan Lackey [RL960-RIPE AS24812] [EMAIL PROTECTED] +1 202 258 9251 OpenPGP DH 4096: B8B8 3D95 F940

web apps with large volumes of bidirectional http traffic

2003-05-31 Thread Ryan Lackey
, maybe) -- either imagemaps, or just tables, things like chess, or puzzles, or whatever I'd definitely appreciate any suggestions on possible web apps which meet these criteria; reply to lists or [EMAIL PROTECTED] I'll post when it's ready. Thanks, Ryan -- Ryan Lackey [RL960-RIPE AS24812