Re: [Cryptography] prism-proof email in the degenerate case

2013-10-10 Thread grarpamp
On Thu, Oct 10, 2013 at 11:58 AM, R. Hirschfeld wrote: To send a prism-proof email, encrypt it for your recipient and send it to Don't include any information about To receive prism-proof email, subscribe to the irrefrangible mailing list at

Re: [Cryptography] Universal security measures for crypto primitives

2013-10-07 Thread grarpamp
On Oct 7, 2013, at 1:43 AM, Peter Gutmann wrote: Given the recent debate about security levels for different key sizes, the following paper by Lenstra, Kleinjung, and Thome may be of interest: Universal security from bits and mips to pools, lakes and beyond

Re: [Cryptography] [tor-talk] Guardian Tor article

2013-10-05 Thread grarpamp
Some have said... this [Snowden meta arena] has been a subject of discussion on the [various] lists as well Congrats, torproject :-D Tor Stinks means you're doing it right; good job Tor devs :) good news everybody; defense in depth is effective and practical! Yes, fine work all hands,

Re: [Cryptography] MITM source patching [was Schneier got spooked]

2013-09-22 Thread grarpamp
re: git, signed commits, log verification, etc Monotone supports a good bit of PKI within it... ___ The cryptography mailing list