Re: why penny black etc. are not very useful (could crypto stop spam??)

2004-01-02 Thread john saylor
hi Amir Herzberg wrote: E-mail (at least from new correspondents) must be signed by an `anti-spam mail certification authority (ASMCA)` - often the ISP of the sender. Recipient's mail client (or server) will reject mail (from new correspondents) not certified by a trustworthy ASMCA. ok, but

Re: Monoculture

2003-10-01 Thread John Saylor
hi ( 03.09.30 20:39 -0700 ) [EMAIL PROTECTED]: And, given the recent set of widely publicized flaws in openssl and openssh, I think that concern about monoculture in cryptography software is pretty damn well founded. except for the fact that these holes get fixed as opposed to the other flaws

Re: End of the line for Ireland's dotcom star

2003-09-23 Thread John Saylor
hi ( 03.09.23 13:45 -0600 ) Anne Lynn Wheeler: is it still possible to show that there has been long term, continuous, non-stop, highest security custodial care of the GTE cybertrust CA private keys. If there hasn't ... would anybody even know? i worked at cybertrust/baltimore up until