[Cryptography] Ars Technica on the Taiwanese National ID smart card break

2013-09-17 Thread Perry E. Metzger
Weeks after the informal announcement, the Taiwanese National ID smartcard break is finally getting press. It is a great example of a piece of certified crypto hardware that works poorly because of bad random number generation. Good explanation for your technical but not security oriented friends

Lamar Alexander: Much as I Hate It, We Need a National ID

2005-05-20 Thread R.A. Hettinga
http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn/A11307-2005Mar29?language=printer The Washington Post washingtonpost.com Much as I Hate It, We Need a National ID By Lamar Alexander Wednesday, March 30, 2005; Page A15 The House recently passed legislation requiring states to turn 190 million

Re: Do We Need a National ID Card?

2004-12-22 Thread Matt Crawford
On Dec 22, 2004, at 8:53, R.A. Hettinga wrote: Do we need a national ID card? The comment period on NIST's draft FIPS-201 (written in very hasty response to Homeland Security Presidential Directive HSPD-12) ends tomorrow. The draft, as written, enables use of the card by Smart IEDs

Re: A National ID: AAMVA's Unique ID

2004-06-18 Thread Joseph Ashwood
- Original Message - From: John Gilmore [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED]; [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Thursday, June 17, 2004 10:31 AM Subject: Re: A National ID: AAMVA's Unique ID The solution then is obvious, don't have a big central database. Instead use a distributed database

Re: A National ID: AAMVA's Unique ID

2004-06-17 Thread John Gilmore
that it isn't national ID, because national ID is disfavored by the public. But it's the same thing in distributed-computing clothes. The reason they say it isn't a national ID is because it's 50 state IDs (plus US territories and Canadian provinces and Mexican states) -- but the new part

Re: A National ID

2004-06-03 Thread Joseph Ashwood
Although I am against any national ID, at least as far terrorist identification goes (note that the Social Security Number that every American has IS a national ID card), I feel that a discussion on how to do it properly is a worthwhile endeavor. - Original Message - From: Peter Clay

Re: A National ID

2004-06-01 Thread Dave Howe
it - then don't do it that way. I am still trying to figure out how over a decade of terrorist bombings in mainland UK didn't justify introducing a national ID card - but the americans wanting biometric passports for visitors does

Re: A National ID

2004-06-01 Thread Peter Clay
On Mon, 31 May 2004, R. A. Hettinga wrote: in most European countries, people carry national ID's as a matter of course. And pressure is mounting in America for some kind of security card. Similarly, there is a push for ID cards in the UK at the moment. See http://www.stand.org.uk/ and

A National ID

2004-05-31 Thread R. A. Hettinga
http://www.nytimes.com/2004/05/31/opinion/31MON1.html?pagewanted=printposition= The New York Times May 31, 2004 A National ID The very idea of a national identity card has always rankled Americans across the political spectrum. It conjures images of totalitarianism - Big Brother or even