Transcripts of the NIST Sessions from the first SHA3 Candidate Conference

2009-06-17 Thread Ali, Saqib
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More man-in-the-middle'd SSL sessions on the way

2008-08-08 Thread Jerrold Leichter
From an article about WAN optimization appliances in Computerworld: In some markets, such as health and finance, [hiring] a managed provider [who will do the encryption outside your routers] isn't a good option for another reason: Because data is optimized in an unencrypted state,


2003-06-16 Thread Jill . Ramonsky
This has got nothing whatsoever to do with session fixation. It _has_ however, got something to do with security. In particular, with authentication. [Moderator's note: Actually, it seems to have everything to do with session fixation. --Perry] I may be ignorant about a few things but I'm