Re: Zooko's semi-private keys

2009-07-22 Thread Jerry Leichter
On Jul 21, 2009, at 3:11 PM, Hal Finney wrote: The first is equivalent to: knowing g^(xy) is it impossible to deduce g^x, where y = H(g^x). Define Y = g^x, then y = H(Y) and g^(xy) = Y^H(Y). The question is then: Given Y^H(Y) can we deduce Y? To make a simple observation: H matters. If

Zooko's semi-private keys

2009-07-21 Thread Hal Finney
Zooko's proposal for semi-private keys is worthy of discussion here I think. The full idea is in but I will present it here for your enjoyment (I should emphasize that I played no part in any of the development of this idea, I just read his PDF). Apologies in