Re: Yahoo releases internet standard draft for using DNS as public key server

2004-05-30 Thread Russell Nelson
also sprach Ed Gerck [EMAIL PROTECTED] [2004.05.28.1853 +0200]: It's industry support. We know what it means: multiple, conflicting approaches, slow, fragmented adoption -- will not work. In other words change. If you have any alternatives to change, please describe them.


2004-05-30 Thread Kerry Thompson
Perry E. Metzger said: This article claims the code for the permissive action links on many US nuclear weapons in the 1960s was well known to be . Just 3 years ago I was looking at a portal site for airline pilots. They had a

Who Tests Voting Machines?

2004-05-30 Thread R. A. Hettinga The New York Times May 30, 2004 MAKING VOTES COUNT Who Tests Voting Machines? henever questions are raised about the reliability of electronic voting machines, election officials have a ready response:

Re: The future of security

2004-05-30 Thread bear
On Sat, 29 May 2004, Russell Nelson wrote: Eugen Leitl writes: If I'm a node in a web of trust (FOAF is a human), prestige will percolate through it completely. That way I can color a whole domain with a nonboolean trust hue, while a domain of fakers will have only very few connections

Re: Satellite eavesdropping of 802.11b traffic

2004-05-30 Thread Dirk-Willem van Gulik
On May 27, 2004, at 12:35 PM, John Kelsey wrote: Does anyone know whether the low-power nature of wireless LANs protects them from eavesdropping by satellite? Is there some simple reference that would easily let me figure out whether transmitters at a given power are in danger of eavesdropping