Death of antivirus software imminent

2007-12-30 Thread Anne Lynn Wheeler
re: Storm, Nugache lead dangerous new botnet barrage,289142,sid14_gci1286808,00.html from above: The creators of these Trojans and bots not only have very strong software development and testing skills, but also clearly know how security

Re: 2008: The year of hack the vote?

2007-12-30 Thread Bill Stewart
Dan wrote: Let's not do this or we'll have to talk about JF Kennedy who, at least, bought his votes with real money. That's because Democrats had become more professional, and the tradition of buying votes with whiskey only works for the retail level, not wholesale. Dan also wrote: May I

Re: Question on export issues

2007-12-30 Thread dan
Alan writes: -+ | What are the rules these days on crypto exports. Is a review | still required? If so, what gets rejected? | The following is a recent interaction with specialty export counsel, though somewhat modified as I detoxed it from base64 to ASCII plaintext and from

Philips/NXP/Mifare CRYPTO1 mostly reverse-engineered

2007-12-30 Thread Ralf-Philipp Weinmann
From MiFare’s CRYPTO1 stream cipher has captured my attention for a while. However, hardware reverse-engineering is not a field I actively engage in. So I was very happy when Karsten Nohl (University of Virginia), Starbug and Henryk

Re: Question on export issues

2007-12-30 Thread Richard Salz
In my personal experience, if you are developing a mass-market item with conventional crypto (e.g., SSL, S/MIME, etc ) then it is fairly routine to get a commodity export license which lets you sell globally. Disclaimers abound, including that I'm not a lawyer and certainly don't speak for