Re: Who cares about side-channel attacks?

2008-10-25 Thread Peter Gutmann
Thierry Moreau [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: I find the question should be refined. It could if there was a large enough repondent base to draw samples from :-). This is one of those surveys that can never be done because no vendor will publicly talk to you about security measures in their

Re: combining entropy

2008-10-25 Thread John Denker
On 10/24/2008 03:40 PM, Jack Lloyd wrote: Perhaps our seeming disagreement is due to a differing interpretation of 'trusted'. I took it to mean that at least one pool had a min-entropy above some security bound. You appear to have taken it to mean that it will be uniform random? Thanks, that

Re: combining entropy

2008-10-25 Thread IanG
Jonathan Katz wrote: I think it depends on what you mean by N pools of entropy. I can see that my description was a bit weak, yes. Here's a better view, incorporating the feedback: If I have N people, each with a single pool of entropy, and I pool each of their contributions together

Re: Cube cryptanalysis?

2008-10-25 Thread James Muir
Paul Hoffman wrote: At 11:08 AM -0700 8/21/08, Greg Rose wrote: Adi mentioned that the slides and paper will go online around the deadline for Eurocrypt submission; it will all become much clearer than my wounded explanations then. There now: Given all the