Re: AES HDD encryption was XOR

2008-12-11 Thread dan
Victor Duchovni writes: -+- | The computing power of the microprocessor is still under | 32 powers of 2 from its inception, naive extrapolation | to the next 32 powers of 2 is unwise. Well taken, indeed. But what I am myself interested in is the relationship of the three

Re: CPRNGs are still an issue.

2008-12-11 Thread James A. Donald
Jack Lloyd wrote: I think the situation is even worse outside of the major projects (the OS kernels crypto implementations and the main crypto libraries). I think outside of those, nobody is even really looking. For instance - This afternoon I took a look at a C++ library called JUCE which

Re: Why the poor uptake of encrypted email? [Was: Re: Secrets and cell phones.]

2008-12-11 Thread James A. Donald
-- We discovered, however, that most people do not want to manage their own secrets StealthMonger wrote: This may help to explain the poor uptake of encrypted email. There is very good uptake of skype and ssh, because those impose no or very little additional cost on the end