Re: I'll show you mine if you show me, er, mine

2005-03-03 Thread Arash Partow
Reading the description from, it seems that Peter might be right. I think this is just a re-hash of already well established ideas. In the case of a sending the password back to B, its a very similar scenario to scene III where Athena suggests to Euripides that

Encryption Software Infers Guilt

2005-05-25 Thread Arash Partow
OK, the subject was a little exaggerated. But in anycase feel free to read the following article: Regards Arash Be one who knows what they

Symmetric ciphers as hash functions

2005-10-31 Thread Arash Partow
Any help would be very much appreciated. Kind regards Arash Partow Be one who knows what they don't know, Instead of being one who knows not what they don't know, Thinking they know everything about all things.

Re: 2048-bit RSA keys

2010-08-16 Thread Arash Partow
Paul Hoffman wrote: You are under the wrong impression, unless you are reading vastly different crypto literature than the rest of us are. RSA-1024 *might* be possible to break in public at some point in the next decade, and RSA-2048 is a few orders of magnitude harder than that. Just out