Re: AES timing attacks, why not whiten the implementation?

2005-06-25 Thread Elisabeth Oswald
Victor Duchovni wrote: (b) Is there a better way to scramble the timing of an AES operation without going to the last resort of padding everyting to worst-case timing? Perhaps something along the lines of: Provably Secure Masking of AES: Just found

ECRYPT Workshop on RFID and Light-Weight Crypto

2005-07-05 Thread Elisabeth Oswald
of Technology Elisabeth Oswald, Graz University of Technology The use of state-of-the-art cryptographic methods on RFID tags opens a new range of applications for these tags and for cryptography. The aims of the workshop are to increase

[RFIDSec 06] Call for Papers - Submission Deadline Reminder

2006-05-03 Thread Elisabeth Oswald
We apologize in advance for multiple copies of this CFP. Our submission deadline is approaching: Please submit your papers until May 22 2006. ** CALL FOR PAPERS * Workshop on RFID Security 2006 July 12-14 2006 Graz

Re: Status of attacks on AES?

2006-05-05 Thread Elisabeth Oswald
Hi, if current status refers to the latest published papers then you can find a short overview over the best known attacks on Elisabeth Joachim Strombergson schrieb: Aloha! Just out of curiosity I tried to Google around for recent

[RFIDSec 06] Call for Participation - Early Registration Deadline

2006-06-19 Thread Elisabeth Oswald
We apologize in advance for multiple copies of this CfP. Our early registration deadline (June 21st) is approaching! Please register here: ** CALL FOR PARTICIPATION ** Workshop on RFID Security 2006