Beware of /dev/random on Mac OS X

2003-08-29 Thread Peter Hendrickson
It's a /dev/urandom which has been labeled /dev/random. It claims to be a Yarrow implementation so is presumably only 160 bits strong. (See From /dev/urandom is a compatibility nod to Linux. On Linux,

Re: M-209 broken in WWII

2004-10-07 Thread Peter Hendrickson
Hadmut Danisch quoted As a german codebreaker in World War II: Even experts didn't know until some years ago that german deciphering specialists broke ciphers of the allied in the second world war. German success against the M-209 is discussed in David Kahn's The Codebreakers. It cites a 1962

Re: [Forwarded] RealID: How to become an unperson.

2005-07-12 Thread Peter Hendrickson
Perry Metzger wrote: So, the next time one of your friends in Germany asks why the crazy Americans think ID cards and such are a bad thing, remember my father, and remember all the people like him who fled to the US over the last couple hundred years and who left children that still remember