Re: Dutch Transport Card Broken

2008-01-25 Thread sbg
How much security can you put into a plastic card, the size of a credit card, that has to perform its function in a secure manner, all in under 2 seconds (in under 1 second in parts of Asia)? And it has to do this while receiving its power via the electromagnetic field being generated by the

Re: Property RIghts in Keys

2009-02-12 Thread sbg
However, a cert seems almost certainly *not* to be IP. If anybody can alter, revoke or reissue a certificate then I agree it is common property to which attaches no meaningful notion of property rights. If on the other hand only certain people can alter, revoke or reissue a certificate then it

Re: Shamir secret sharing and information theoretic security

2009-02-23 Thread sbg
Is it possible that the amount of information that the knowledge of a sub-threshold number of Shamir fragments leaks in finite precision setting depends on the finite precision implementation? For example, if you know 2 of a 3 of 5 splitting and you also know that the finite precision setting in

Re: Judge orders defendant to decrypt PGP-protected laptop

2009-03-03 Thread sbg
With regards to alternative runtime decryptions, recall ... The claim is that the approach is neither encryption nor steganography. Cheers, Scott - The Cryptography Mailing List