Re: [Csgo_servers] Help with Translations

2012-07-03 Thread Erik-jan Riemers
If you click on submit , you have to enter your e-mail and click ok again.. otherwise you wont get any feedback. 2012/7/3 ics ** Http// but be warned, i tried it for my own language, never heard back. -ics - Alkuperäinen viesti -

Re: [Csgo_servers] Outstanding Issues

2012-07-04 Thread Erik-jan Riemers
Would it not be easier to create some sort of website where people could just vote for the things they want the most? Just throwing it out there.. *From:* [mailto:] *On Behalf Of *Ido Magal *Sent:* woensdag

Re: [Csgo_servers] Outstanding Issues

2012-07-04 Thread Erik-jan Riemers
Issues How about this one? *From:* Erik-jan Riemers *Sent:* Wednesday, July 04, 2012 10:06 AM *To:* *Subject:* Re: [Csgo_servers] Outstanding Issues Would it not be easier to create some sort of website where

Re: [Csgo_servers] FreeGameServers.GG - 'Official' Valve servers

2012-07-11 Thread Erik-jan Riemers
If that means our community servers are getting left behind it would certainly be a stab in the back. Whats the point in trying to get a full server if they will be directed somewhere else first. I do assume some sort of model like tf2 is in place, which (as far as i can tell) uses the first on

[Csgo_servers] automated updates

2012-08-15 Thread Erik-jan Riemers
So how does the auto update work on cs:go btw? I know you can get a lof of detail from Dedicated_Servers But my question would be, you normally start it up with srcds_run -game csgo -console etc etc -autoupdate but I

Re: [Csgo_servers] automated updates

2012-08-16 Thread Erik-jan Riemers
the release cause when csgo is released you dont have to login anymore with a steamaccount to install/update a server. And at the release autoupdate will work! Philip G. 2012/8/15 Erik-jan Riemers So how does the auto update work on cs:go btw? I know you can get a lof

Re: [Csgo_servers] CSGO heads up

2012-08-16 Thread Erik-jan Riemers
needless to say, we shouldn't be needing custom made scripts to have a correct working install. Help scripts sure, but not one that makes sure it doesn't screw up your instance on update. :-) 2012/8/16 Stephen Bevan If you made all of your changes to the gamemodes_server.txt

Re: [Csgo_servers] Sample gamemodes_server.txt , launch command , server.cfg files for beginners

2012-08-20 Thread Erik-jan Riemers
Just throwing it out there, if i check the layout of gamemode_server.txt , i see all game modes/types/maps etc all in there.. is it not possible to enlarge that section, so that you would have 1 big gamemode_server.txt with all kinds of mapgroups and game modes which you need to assign during

Re: [Csgo_servers] steamcmd update released

2012-08-21 Thread Erik-jan Riemers
I've got reports here and there that on launch it would be removed, but i have not seen any concrete commitments about that. Nuclear dawn for instance also uses the new steamcmd and till needs user/pwd too. But with +- 10 hours to go (valve time = 15 hours) i am uncertain about this too.

Re: [Csgo_servers] You do not have this 3rd party mod installed

2012-08-21 Thread Erik-jan Riemers
Restart your steam client.. ;P *From:* [mailto:] *On Behalf Of *Jeff Morello *Sent:* dinsdag 21 augustus 2012 20:27 *To:* *Subject:* [Csgo_servers] You do not have this

Re: [Csgo_servers] steamcmd update released

2012-08-21 Thread Erik-jan Riemers
But does autoupdate work now? (regardless of whatever method used) I've got 10 servers running on a box, if they all go at the same time, issues with 1 userid/pwd are sure to come. -Original Message- From:

[Csgo_servers] version xml?

2012-08-21 Thread Erik-jan Riemers
Normally you can do something like And get back the version of the appid up to date or not. Is this still coming? Same for

Re: [Csgo_servers] Can't turn friendlyfire off

2012-08-22 Thread Erik-jan Riemers
Cant you just set the mp_friendlyfire or something convar in you gameserver custom txt file? -Original Message- From: [] On Behalf Of Nevermore Imperium Sent: woensdag 22 augustus 2012 20:44 To:

Re: [Csgo_servers] Running 2 steamcmd simultaneously == NO NO

2012-08-24 Thread Erik-jan Riemers
those for your internal distribution. On Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 10:32 AM, Erik-jan Riemers riem...@binkey.nlwrote: Well if it says already in use, it would restart my server again. Try again if it fails restart later again, so there is a 2 to 3 minute window before it tries again

Re: [Csgo_servers] getting servers on the right ports

2012-08-28 Thread Erik-jan Riemers
-nohltv To commandline.. *From:* [mailto:] *On Behalf Of *Absurd Minds *Sent:* woensdag 29 augustus 2012 0:21 *To:* *Subject:* Re: [Csgo_servers] getting servers on the

Re: [Csgo_servers] -autoupdate

2012-08-31 Thread Erik-jan Riemers
does +runscript ./ server1 work? Since i just have a script which can have a server behind it to update that one. 2012/8/31 feugatos On Παρασκευή, 31 Αύγουστος 2012 1:43:21 μμ, Absurd Minds wrote: Is this command line addition functioning the same

Re: [Csgo_servers] CSGO hotfix

2012-08-31 Thread Erik-jan Riemers
Same deal with TF2, there is no check to do optional updates. 2012/8/31 Einar S. Idsø Hi, We currently run a script through cron to detect new updates from the API. However, it seems that optional updates such as this one are undetectable :

Re: [Csgo_servers] -autoupdate

2012-08-31 Thread Erik-jan Riemers
Too bad, that means you have to make a script for every single instance. If you change the password of that user then you need to adjust all those files too.. 2012/8/31 feugatos On Παρασκευή, 31 Αύγουστος 2012 2:12:17 μμ, Erik-jan Riemers wrote: does +runscript

Re: [Csgo_servers] CSGO hotfix

2012-08-31 Thread Erik-jan Riemers
i think 2 years ago this question was asked.. but it cant hurt to ask again. (just saying we tried before) 2012/8/31 Einar S. Idsø Thanks, that explains why csgo/steam.inf still reported the same PatchVersion as before I did the optional update. This falls into the

Re: [Csgo_servers] Mirroring downloadurl in console

2012-09-03 Thread Erik-jan Riemers
Don’t forget to add the HL2 agent type too.. I actually saw a 30% drop in usage after implementing it. But it’s been a while. (even though the original asker just wanted a request to valve) but I highly doubt they will make that change since it is pretty much useless to hide. *From:*

Re: [Csgo_servers] Too long waiting when finding matchmaking

2012-12-04 Thread Erik-jan Riemers
Tried filling up cs:go servers like i do with tf2, get a few people on it and wait for quickplay. Only to notice that the pinion servers get all the traffic anyways. Seeing that he has to wait 20 minutes it doesn't do anything at all anymore towards community. Time to shut them down, a pitty..

Re: [Csgo_servers] VAC vs. Sourcemod

2013-06-05 Thread Erik-jan Riemers
With addons it’s called chocolate, everybody knows that J *From:* [mailto:] *On Behalf Of *Michael Loveless *Sent:* woensdag 5 juni 2013 17:44 *To:* *Subject:* Re:

Re: [Csgo_servers] VAC vs. Sourcemod ... Day 7

2013-06-06 Thread Erik-jan Riemers
If they had to reply to each guy(girl) that comes on the list, they would not have the time to fix stuff. If your a long time regular on the mailinglist, you know that response comes with bursts sometimes they are on top of it, and sometimes they are not. Also when people send a mail like you just

Re: [Csgo_servers] CSGO update

2014-11-21 Thread Erik-jan Riemers
Maybe far fetched, you could just run a seperate steamcmd and see if that helps. As a regular, i assume you already deleted all the resources, folders etc that it creates on startup? 2014-11-21 16:40 GMT+01:00 ics It's just Steamcmd. I have 2 TF2 installs in one machine.

Re: [Csgo_servers] Extreme Falling Trend

2015-12-30 Thread Erik-jan Riemers
Your asking: "I am at the movies, watching a good block buster. But while your watching the movie you want to throw ads in the background" you don't do that. Why would you do that for people playing games. Initial ads are fine for those that need the income, but other then that, recurring.. is

Re: [Csgo_servers] GSLT continually revoked for no reason!

2016-03-07 Thread Erik-jan Riemers
Although i agree, a forum would be more suitable for a list like that. 2016-03-07 12:45 GMT+01:00 Absurd Minds : > Why don't any of the people who have been wrongfully banned post the > plugins they were using and try to cross reference with other people who > were also

Re: [Csgo_servers] Damn you Valve !

2016-07-11 Thread Erik-jan Riemers
Looks to mee your having the same party as TF2 had. You had something nice, people where abusing/not doing the nicest things. The good people are hurt and the bad guys can still continue. Well my TF2 community is as good as dead. CS didn't help because of all this and i am sorry to see it go down

Re: [Csgo_servers] Valve should create a place to report cheating servers, on website

2017-06-14 Thread Erik-jan Riemers
I do have to concur with Saint K. we moved to discord and pretty much all income is gone. Always did pay for the servers, even with income. During that time i had to pay 'less' but i don't mind because it is for the community. Items that where broken took sometimes years, if fixed at all. The

Re: [Csgo_servers] Penalise and remove servers you can not join via server list (faceit and the like)

2018-01-27 Thread Erik-jan Riemers
They just take their time on solving things, just look at this issue from december 2012. So maybe they will take a look at this issue in 2026 :-) But you are right, this is bad! 2018-01-27 3:22 GMT+01:00 Frederique

Re: [Csgo_servers] Penalise and remove servers you can not join via server list (faceit and the like)

2018-01-27 Thread Erik-jan Riemers
Ha, this is so golden. You mail the mailing list and you instantly get a reply from somebody.. maybe we can hook this person up with a nigerian prince. Amy Lopez

Re: [Csgo_servers] stealthmode's hodge podge of facts sprinkled amongst outright lies

2018-04-25 Thread Erik-jan Riemers
"It keeps the environment sandboxed to keep the physical hardware from being damaged by malicious files/packets/scripts." .. since scripts these days can physically damage hardware? Almost looks like he's copy pasting a bad bofh, fun still.. 2018-04-25 16:41 GMT+02:00 Stealth Mode

Re: [Csgo_servers] Exploit that spams/lags clients

2018-04-23 Thread Erik-jan Riemers
+1 agree to the "lets just snif my pin code when i'am at the ATM" kind of remarks, those are just funny. 2018-04-23 8:28 GMT+02:00 Nathaniel Theis : > no! don't let him stop posting it's easily some of the best comedic > material I've encountered online > > On Sun, Apr 22,