Re: [css-d] Falstaff weds Frutiger.

2014-06-06 Thread Ingo Chao
Love it. (Chrome/Android Nexus 4) Ingo Chao Am 06.06.2014 22:08 schrieb David Laakso Constructive comments and suggestions on this site are always appreciated. html css Best, David Laakso -- Chelsea

[css-d] a media rule without a target media type

2012-07-04 Thread Ingo Chao
According to the CSS3 spec @media all { … } @media { … } should be equivalent. Current Firefox and Opera agree, and at least Webkit nightly too. But current Safari, IE9 and IE 10 disagree, only the first one applies. My

Re: [css-d] IE8, :hover, underline, and generated content

2012-05-30 Thread Ingo Chao
On Wed, May 30, 2012 at 3:27 AM, Philippe Wittenbergh wrote: On May 30, 2012, at 2:51 AM, Paceaux wrote: Did anyone have any thoughts on removing underline from generated content in the hover state for IE? I did some checking and it appears that the behavior occurs in all

[css-d] Dear Theo,

2012-01-01 Thread Ingo Chao
On Sunday, January 1, 2012, David Laakso wrote: Send colors your earliest convenience... particularly desperate for Cobalt Blue and Cadmium Yellow Deep. Vincent PS Happy New Year! Happy New Year! :) @Ghodmode: a painter's secret. Ingo

Re: [css-d] STILL NEED HELP: @Font-Face Font Chopped OFF by Padding

2011-12-20 Thread Ingo Chao
Assuming you mean the Name/Email inputs, I see the bottom, not the top, is chopped in Chrome/Mac with the font Little Days. With the font-family disabled (falling back to Candara I think) and with padding disabled, the text is somewhat centered. Is this what you mean in your description? Canot

Re: [css-d] Webkit Bug...?

2011-10-27 Thread Ingo Chao
On Thu, Oct 27, 2011 at 9:03 PM, Kevin A. Cameron wrote: Is this a bug in Webkit? Opera shows the same. Check the 3rd item in the 2nd ordered list (or search for Use the W, A, S, and D): In other browsers

Re: [css-d] Fit to width

2011-10-26 Thread Ingo Chao
Jukka already presented a solution without the float, but with a css table. In your setting, you wanted the floating div to have a shrink-to-fit width (CSS2.1: 10.3.5) that equals to the width of the image, so the width of the text without breaks must not become the preferred width of the float.

Re: [css-d] Showing and hiding table columns

2011-09-28 Thread Ingo Chao
On Wednesday, September 28, 2011, Tom Livingston wrote: List, What would be the best way to show and hide table columns based on media queries. On this page: i'd like to hide a couple columns in the table when the width gets narrow. Hiding

Re: [css-d] Query on P:First-letter

2011-09-27 Thread Ingo Chao
On Wednesday, September 28, 2011, Philip TAYLOR (Webmaster, Ret'd) wrote: Could anyone explain why the leading M of the following paragraph : p style=margin-top: 2.3em!-- #BeginLibraryItem /Library/Ugandan infant in a laundry basket.lbi --img id=Infant-Uganda-001

[css-d] Query on P:First-letter

2011-09-27 Thread Ingo Chao
On Wednesday, September 28, 2011, Philippe Wittenbergh wrote: On Sep 28, 2011, at 9:10 AM, Ingo Chao wrote: The ::first-letter pseudo-element represents the first letter of an element, if it is not preceded

Re: [css-d] IE 9, media queries

2011-05-22 Thread Ingo Chao
2011/5/22 Philippe Wittenbergh The other day, I received an IE 9 screenshot from one of my sites taken with the Netrenderer service. The screenshot showed missing images. Investigating a little with a simple test case shows the failure

Re: [css-d] Can a DIV be made invisible to mouse clicks?

2011-04-24 Thread Ingo Chao
Am Sonntag, 24. April 2011 schrieb Martin G ... So, in the end, my question is, can I lay one DIV on top of another without having the top div trapping mouse events that I want the DIV underneath to catch? you could play with

Re: [css-d] Reflection effect

2011-04-16 Thread Ingo Chao
Am Samstag, 16. April 2011 schrieb Philippe Wittenbergh On Apr 16, 2011, at 4:13 AM, Kevin A. Cameron wrote: This raises an interesting question: the reflected text in HTML or CSS? I'd argue that the reflection is decoration and only decoration, and thus part of the

[css-d] br { content: '\A'; white-space: pre; } in Webkit

2011-01-19 Thread Ingo Chao
HTML5:Rendering:Punctuation and decorations says br { content: '\A'; white-space: pre; } But this doesn't seem to work in Safari and Chrome: Who is wrong? Ingo __ css-discuss

Re: [css-d] br { content: '\A'; white-space: pre; } in Webkit

2011-01-19 Thread Ingo Chao
2011/1/19 Jukka K. Korpela Barney Carroll wrote: Without getting into the murky, esoteric waters of the nature of br/ and text node layout handling, from my mucking about, non-pseudo elements don't seem to accept any content value in webkit. According to the CSS 2.1

Re: [css-d] br { content: '\A'; white-space: pre; } in Webkit

2011-01-19 Thread Ingo Chao
2011/1/19, Alan Gresley So it does makes me wonder why you would even use content: \A to begin with when that's the UA CSS default behavior for br anyway, excluding Safari and it's bug. Just playing with the HTML5 UA default style sheet. HTML5:Rendering says: The CSS

Re: [css-d] adding a shadow

2011-01-02 Thread Ingo Chao
IE5.5 and up support a proprietary DropShadow filter, technically, this is more complex, but not an image. Does that fit your requirements? Anyhow, I'd vote for css3 and a degradation in IE. (Or, no shadow for the base and progressively enhance it with CSS3) Ingo 2011/1/2, Lisa Frost

[css-d] is style=float: left identical to align=left

2010-12-16 Thread Ingo Chao
for images, in standards mode, for ie6 and newer, is style=float: left identical to align=left , even in complex layouts? background is, someone required to support legacy HTML content fragments -- or to migrate it, as long as the rendered result is identical, to a new technology named CSS. best

[css-d] is style=float: left identical to align=left

2010-12-16 Thread Ingo Chao
for images, in standards mode, for ie6 and newer, is style=float: left identical to align=left , even in complex layouts? background is, someone required to support legacy HTML content fragments -- or to migrate it, as long as the rendered result is identical, to a new technology named CSS. best

Re: [css-d] is style=float: left identical to align=left

2010-12-16 Thread Ingo Chao
Am Freitag, 17. Dezember 2010 schrieb Philippe Wittenbergh On Dec 17, 2010, at 7:14 AM, Ingo Chao wrote: for images, in standards mode, for ie6 and newer, is style=float: left identical to align=left , even in complex layouts? ... Yes, that is the case in all browsers. I

Re: [css-d] Safari 5 / Win XP crashing ?

2010-07-13 Thread Ingo Chao
2010/7/13 Philippe Wittenbergh On Jul 13, 2010, at 12:59 PM, Al Sparber wrote: It crashes both browsers (Win Vista 64-bit). I assume on Windows 7, as well. Thanks for checking, Al. I filed bug 42136. (funny thing - while I

Re: [css-d] Elements that create new block formatting contexts

2010-05-04 Thread Ingo Chao
2010/5/4 Philippe Wittenbergh On May 4, 2010, at 12:20 PM, Philippe Wittenbergh wrote: HTML5 4.10 gives a complete description of form controls (but, as expected, not really about their display). uhu, I should've re-read html5:10

Re: [css-d] Elements that create new block formatting contexts

2010-05-03 Thread Ingo Chao
2010/5/3 Thierry Koblentz I've been trying to find mention in the specs of fieldsets creating new block formatting contexts, but I can't find the reference anywhere. It is not specified, but fieldsets create block formatting contexts.

Re: [css-d] parenting issues

2010-04-23 Thread Ingo Chao
The specificity was already discussed. This aside, I think that #page was chosen as too specific. You may introduce a second class body class=about corporate id=p003 would be the third page of the about section in the coporate pages part of your site. I'd use the id just for one unique page.

Re: [css-d] Nested floats in IE6/7

2010-03-29 Thread Ingo Chao
2010/3/28 Bob Bob ... Is it bad practice to nest floats with the width:auto float:left on the container + float:right on the child? I've read that every browser handles this differently but, on a test case, IE8 + FF3.6 + Opera 10.51 have the same results. It is

Re: [css-d] vertical-align on inline-block

2010-03-28 Thread Ingo Chao
2010/3/28 Yang Zhang ... div class=wrapper style=vertical-align: bottom; height: 100px div class=inner style=vertical-align: bottom; display: inline-block Hello /div div class=inner style=vertical-align: bottom; display: inline-block world /div /div Why doesn't

Re: [css-d] overflow boxes next to floats

2010-03-23 Thread Ingo Chao
2010/3/22 Bruno Fassino ... The spec deliberately not very precise about these cases. At there is CSS2 does not define when a UA may put said element next to the float or by how much said element may become narrower

Re: [css-d] Transcendant web design and CSS3

2010-03-08 Thread Ingo Chao
2010/3/8 Jeff Zeitlin On Mon, 8 Mar 2010 09:11:25 +0900, Philippe Wittenbergh wrote: ... He also advocates NOT trying to make the presentation of a website look the same in all browsers, but to write to the limit of the CSS capabilities of each

Re: [css-d] Gap in IE8

2010-03-08 Thread Ingo Chao
2010/3/8 N Duckworth Hi, In IE8 I'm getting a gap somewhere between an image (a JS slide show in #slider) and the containing div #pma: The extra blue space above the main image should not be there, and the bottom of the image is getting clipped.

Re: [css-d] understading ul li as menus - A 5 question quest.

2010-02-28 Thread Ingo Chao
2010/2/28 MEM ... - the css styles are inside. ...                1)                If we apply overflow property here, will this property                be inherited to descendants even without being declared    

Re: [css-d] Opera 10 and percentage min-height

2010-02-19 Thread Ingo Chao
2010/1/3 Bruno Fassino On Sun, Jan 3, 2010 at 1:09 AM, Alan Gresley wrote: [...] What you see is the whole viewport covered by the min-height div. If you drag the bottom of the window upwards in IE8

Re: [css-d] -moz-box-shadow

2010-01-24 Thread Ingo Chao
2010/1/24 Tim Climis ... If you have a shadow on an element with 100% width (an unfloated div, say), and give it a box-shadow, in firefox (with -moz-box-shadow) you get horizontal scroll, while in Safari/Chrome (with - webkit-box-shadow) you do not. Has anyone discovered

Re: [css-d] strict vs. transitional doctype and rendering differences

2010-01-05 Thread Ingo Chao
2010/1/5 Philippe Wittenbergh On Jan 5, 2010, at 3:06 PM, Ingo Chao wrote: So it is an almost standards mode problem, triggered by the transitional doctype [2]? The inner inline-block is sitting on a baseline in strict, and in transitional, it doesn't [3]. With both modes

Re: [css-d] strict vs. transitional doctype and rendering differences

2010-01-05 Thread Ingo Chao
Thanks a lot, David, for this clarification, and for linking to the discussion in #24186 (10 years ago!) Thanks again to all who helped. Ingo __ css-discuss []

Re: [css-d] css for keyboard link focus

2010-01-05 Thread Ingo Chao
2010/1/5 David Laakso I am not very adept at all the ins and outs of cross-browser keyboard use. Any suggestions for improvement of the CSS for keyboard users on this site is appreciated. Thanks. markup css: lines 39-70

[css-d] strict vs. transitional doctype and rendering differences

2010-01-04 Thread Ingo Chao
Hi can someone point me to a reference about rendering differences between strict and transitional doctype? or: what would you expect? !DOCTYPE html PUBLIC -//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN; html

Re: [css-d] strict vs. transitional doctype and rendering differences

2010-01-04 Thread Ingo Chao
2010/1/4 Bruno Fassino ... I believe the difference in the rendering is related to the fact that in strict mode an element (in this case the red span) always generates an inline box (using its current font properties), like it always contained at least a character, even if

[css-d] Opera 10 and percentage min-height

2010-01-02 Thread Ingo Chao
Getting out of practice. Does Opera/Mac up to 10.10 has a bug with percentage min-height? (not in 10.5 pre-alpha anymore) And display:inline-block (or float) seems to fix it for a moment, just to break again with a width? !DOCTYPE html html head

Re: [css-d] Opera 10 and percentage min-height

2010-01-02 Thread Ingo Chao
Thanks! here is the testcase with the :root:overflow fix without: best Ingo __ css-discuss []

Re: [css-d] :: xp ie/8 :: p:first-letter {...}

2009-12-31 Thread Ingo Chao
Works here for me in IE8/XP. Wrong color in IE7 (and IE8 in IE7CompatView). regards, Ingo __ css-discuss [] List wiki/FAQ --

Re: [css-d] Text Kerning and Other Oddities on MAC but not Windows

2009-12-09 Thread Ingo Chao
2009/12/9 Maslowski, Eric Hello all,  I've mostly been silently following the list here and the advice given has helped me in a few instances. So, thanks! What I've run into has completely stumped me and I'm hoping someone here may have seen the problem before or knows

Re: [css-d] are there changes in the css validator?

2009-12-04 Thread Ingo Chao
2009/12/4 David Hucklesby ... It looks to me as if the validator complains about a single value for the background-position property. From my reading of the specs, though, I think that a single value is valid. (???) I am as confused as the OP... I think the validator is

Re: [css-d] are there changes in the css validator?

2009-12-04 Thread Ingo Chao
ah, its a known bug. Ingo __ css-discuss [] List wiki/FAQ -- List

Re: [css-d] Changing the layout of a DL - Doable in CSS? How?

2009-11-18 Thread Ingo Chao
2009/11/19 Jeff Zeitlin ... SECTION NAME (DT) IN BOLD   Section description    (DD), which may run to multiple lines of    text, or have DLs in the DD (and those DLs    should be formatted the same way) two ideas: this looks like a run-in box to me

Re: [css-d] conditional css for Opera?

2009-11-18 Thread Ingo Chao
2009/11/17 Marc Hall ... One caveat - The new version of Opera 10 for Windows (haven't tested Mac or Mini yet) shows a new addition to the userAgent string - Version. So if you print out the navigator.userAgent you will see both Opera/9.8 and Version/10.01. Not

Re: [css-d] Stacking Order IE7 issue

2009-10-14 Thread Ingo Chao
2009/10/14 corey deep Hello All, I have a problem with ie7, I believe it is incorrectly setting the z-index of site content (a thumbnail row) and the result is that the navigation is overlapping the content row on hover. see example

Re: [css-d] Fixed Positioning Relative to Parent Container?

2009-08-08 Thread Ingo Chao
2009/8/8 Elli Vizcaino Hello, Was just wondering if there was a way to position an element fixed relative to its parent container? At present it seems fixed positioning is only relative to the viewport. Is there a work around to make it relative to its parent container?

Re: [css-d] IE8 conditional styles bug ??

2009-08-06 Thread Ingo Chao
If I am not wrong, my IE8 Vista (Browser mode: IE8; Document mode: IE8 Standards) applies the rules in question. I can see a square div aquamarine, with text on it. test example --- __

Re: [css-d] IE8 conditional styles bug ??

2009-08-06 Thread Ingo Chao
2009/8/6 Al Sparber I disagree, but just follow the steps in my previous email. For the second step, I apologize for a typo... Instead of removing the ID, remove the Title. Yes, there are two preferred stylesheets (- HTML 4) visible for IE8 (A title=all and B

Re: [css-d] Interesting IE 6 and 7 bug: absolute bottom position and floated sibling

2009-07-15 Thread Ingo Chao
2009/7/15 Darren Brierton ... There are four child elements of body, the first (blue) is absolutely positioned at the bottom of the viewport, the last (green) is absolutely positioned at the top of the viewport, the second (yellow) is a hack (a floated element with a

Re: [css-d] @media tv

2009-07-09 Thread Ingo Chao
Thank you for your answers. How would a generic media types string look like for the visual media group in CSS2.1? @media screen, projection, handheld assuming that - 'tty'-capable-devices would need a very special style sheet, if there are such devices at all (?) - 'tv' is not needed because

[css-d] @media tv

2009-07-08 Thread Ingo Chao
Are there devices out there that actually use this media type? Thanks, Ingo __ css-discuss [] List wiki/FAQ -- List

Re: [css-d] Same Height Columns - the terror scenario!

2009-07-03 Thread Ingo Chao
2009/7/3 talofo talofo ... I need to have the same height columns and allow the borders of those columns, to stay at the same heigh too. Yes, familiar, I know... I realise that there are techniques that use a container to contain the columns, and then, define

Re: [css-d] Speed Report sees 2 images loading instead of one?

2009-06-17 Thread Ingo Chao
2009/6/17 Theophan Dort ... #twoCol #header {background-image:url(../img/header2col.jpg);} #threeCol #header {background-image:url(../img/header3col.jpg);} ... It seems to work fine!  However, I just discovered that a Speed Report seems to be seeing BOTH header

Re: [css-d] vertical centering of multi-line text

2009-06-08 Thread Ingo Chao
2009/6/8 Debbie Campbell I'm using display: table-cell and vertical-align for the paragraph text to the right of each thumbnail image, but this isn't working in Safari/Win; the p/p is floated all the way

Re: [css-d] ie/6.0 text-decoation

2009-06-07 Thread Ingo Chao
2009/6/7 David Laakso Not able to kill border-bottom (text-decoration) under clickable h1 image -- all inside pages -- ie/6.0. Now what l'll do? html css

Re: [css-d] Vertical Align Theory

2009-04-23 Thread Ingo Chao
2009/4/23 Jack Blankenships If I am vertically aligning an element it seems that the only way to consistently do so with standard css is to implement a display: table-cell; vertical-align: middle; style on the container. Is there any benefit this affords me over

Re: [css-d] Equal heights solutions

2009-03-18 Thread Ingo Chao
2009/3/16 Nancy Johnson ... but I'm still looking for an ideal solution to equal heights problem ... There is no ideal solution. Maybe this is a helpful read: Ideally, your layout idea would adapt to suit the constraints of

Re: [css-d] inline-block ignored by IE6

2009-03-16 Thread Ingo Chao
2009/3/16 Geoffrey Hoffman ... I've already had a look at trying to force hasLayout, using zoom: 1 [1], and other IE6/7 inline-block posts[2] but none seem to work in my case. [1] [2]

Re: [css-d] Button width in IE6

2009-03-11 Thread Ingo Chao
I guess you mean that a element does not shrink-wrap its content. The A has haslayout, and its parent LI is a float. The float should shrink-wrap, but this fails in IE6. I think floating the A may help. Unfortunately I can't point you

Re: [css-d] Hunting a peek-a-boo bug in IE8rc1

2009-03-08 Thread Ingo Chao
I can reproduce the issue in a fresh IE8rc1 install on XP. After a few refreshes, the footer disappeared. regards, Ingo __ css-discuss [] List wiki/FAQ

Re: [css-d] Div will not dislplay in proper location in FF

2009-02-23 Thread Ingo Chao
2009/2/23 Del Wegener ... In IE7 div id=video_wrapper with the yellow border displays where I want it. In FF3.0.6 it seems to get stuck beneath div id=horizontal_specials with the green border. This is a bug that is fixed in IE8CR.

Re: [css-d] Before after

2009-02-23 Thread Ingo Chao This :: notation is introduced by the current document in order to establish a discrimination between pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements. Ingo __ css-discuss

Re: [css-d] :: Absolute Positioning Disappears in IE6 7 :

2009-02-02 Thread Ingo Chao
2009/2/2 Amrinder Hi, I have done HTML/CSS of a design here: . Everything is fine in firefox, safari, opera but IE 6,7 are not letting things my way. The top sub navigation and search div are not displayed in IEs. Please help

Re: [css-d] a png not displaying!

2009-01-31 Thread Ingo Chao
2009/1/30 Ian Young ... All the pngs display in IE6 fine with exception of the address logo Style sheet is at /dev/includes/ie-fix.css and /style-new.css. for the filter, you have src='../images/Adress-top-3.png'

Re: [css-d] problem with IE7, suckerfish and flash video

2009-01-29 Thread Ingo Chao
2009/1/29 Chris Kavinsky ... when I hover over a nav item to activate a dropdown, IE7 hides the video and all content below (everything within the same div from the video to the end). I think this is an IE7

Re: [css-d] IE6 and !important

2009-01-25 Thread Ingo Chao
No, IE6 recognizes the !important declaration. The bug in IE6 is, the property with this declaration can be overridden within the same rule set. Some use this bug to send specific values to IE6. h1 { color: green !important; color: red; } This is just another example why undocumented

Re: [css-d] Pragmatic look at our CSS future - ripped from: The CSSOverlords

2009-01-23 Thread Ingo Chao
The old paradigm: we can make a page look equal. This is correct for the most part. But should we still do this? When talking with co-workers, they tell me that a page has to look the same (they usually omit qualifiers like to the degree possible). With respect to maintenance costs, performance

Re: [css-d] Pragmatic look at our CSS future - ripped from: TheCSSOverlords

2009-01-23 Thread Ingo Chao
But I did not say let us drop support for IE6. And the page should of course stay viewable and usable. The market share of IE6 will not sink under 1% soon, and even if, 1% paying users are still a lot, so statistics about marketshare are currently pointless: you simply cannot ignore IE. When

Re: [css-d] Pragmatic look at our CSS future - ripped from: The CSSOverlords

2009-01-22 Thread Ingo Chao
Even if we can make a site look nearly the same in every browser, we should not attempt this anymore. Big sites are getting bigger, and the performance is affected a lot if we use expressions/scripts and filters for IE. If the site absolutely must look the same, the site is inevitably getting

Re: [css-d] The CSS Overlords

2009-01-18 Thread Ingo Chao
The interests and motivations are different. If I am asked to do a pretty newsletter for Word's rendering engine behind Outlook, I would like to tell them to ask an HTML table guy. It took me a few years to learn CSS, but I won't spend time with learning tables. Some don't like CSS because of the

Re: [css-d] IE and background colour

2009-01-13 Thread Ingo Chao
Opera does not crash because of the proprietary (and of course, invalid) zoom property; Opera ignores it. Ingo __ css-discuss [] List wiki/FAQ --

Re: [css-d] IE and background colour

2009-01-12 Thread Ingo Chao
2009/1/12 Elle Meredith ... probably display: inline-block for li helps. This did not work. The thumbnails do not float anymore. Any suggestion? The site is at: Actually decreasing margin-right fixed the problem

Re: [css-d] IE and background colour

2009-01-11 Thread Ingo Chao
2009/1/11 Elle Meredith Hello again, I've got quick 2 more questions -- and again problems with IE. 1. Background colour is not appearing on #quote and #bookings it does what ie.css says: #f2f3e6 2. .mini-gallery last floated li falls below. I tried to specify

Re: [css-d] How to expend inner Div???

2009-01-05 Thread Ingo Chao
2009/1/5 shrimpy This one is complicate...why the padding and margin so large. ... In the OneTrueLayout method [Robinson], floating columns of unknown height are wrapped by a container element. All columns get more length by an excessive padding. This would let the

Re: [css-d] footer not always sticking to bottom of window

2009-01-05 Thread Ingo Chao
2009/1/5 Debbie Campbell I've tried footerstickalt and a few other sticky footer methods... The footer stays at the bottom of the window until you decrease the size of the window, then a gap appears

Re: [css-d] site breaks in IE6 (I'm sure it's just one little thing)

2008-12-18 Thread Ingo Chao
2008/12/18 Scott Thigpen My site breaks in IE6

Re: [css-d] about inline, replaced element

2008-11-20 Thread Ingo Chao
, Nov 20, 2008 at 4:36 AM, Ingo Chao [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: a style=font-size:150px; href=#img style=height:20px; src=foo.jpg //a The initial value for vertical-align, baseline, applies. It affects the inline level elements in a line

Re: [css-d] inconsistent rendering among compliant browsers

2008-11-09 Thread Ingo Chao
David Laakso wrote: On this page [1] on Mac OS X 10.4.11 there is wild variation of the distance between the top border of the image and the top border of the container. Latest versions of: Opera-- approx 31px Safari/WebKit-- approx 21px (get it right) Camino-- approx 7px FF-- 14px

Re: [css-d] CSS tables

2008-11-05 Thread Ingo Chao
Blake wrote: On Wed, Nov 5, 2008 at 8:54 AM, Ingo Chao [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: This will slow down new inventions a bit - which is good Actually, I said: ... which is good since the conforming browsers are not as free of bugs as some may believe. What? Restricting innovation is never ever

Re: [css-d] List background in IE 6 and earlier and condition comments

2008-11-05 Thread Ingo Chao
adamq wrote: ... Because IE 6 and earlier does not support the first-child element, the books recommends to apply a class to the list item to remove the background image in these browsers. Using conditional comments to apply this workaround seems best, but I cannot figure out why the

Re: [css-d] hovering over hyperlink makes div move in IE6 (like its parents padding gets cut in half suddenly)

2008-11-04 Thread Ingo Chao
Arian Hojat wrote: Here is a theme I am messing with... You can see when you hover over Home breadcrumb, that it expands the div ( the parent container has 5% padding, and it seems to get cut in half when hovering over hyperlink). i set a

Re: [css-d] CSS tables

2008-11-04 Thread Ingo Chao
Kenoli Oleari wrote: ... The Sitepoint book proposes beginning to move away from IE 67, offering several strategies for doing this, all with the goal of pushing people to upgrade to IE8. It suggests that this is the beginning of a new cycle that will push CSS and site design to a new

Re: [css-d] CSS Browser Hacks

2008-10-09 Thread Ingo Chao
The debate about hacking is mostly about hacking IE lte 7. We have sufficient methods to hack IE, though. Because of its market share, we have the knowledge about the bugs, the filtering methods and the workarounds for IE. I don't think we need filtering techniques for current compliant

Re: [css-d] Overflow and no

2008-10-07 Thread Ingo Chao
Jack Blankenships wrote: Any ideas on how to have an element's overflow property apply to some children but not to others? For example, I have a div that contains a table/grid that I want to have set to overflow: auto on a specific height. This way the results stay within a specific set

Re: [css-d] div won't center in IE6

2008-10-06 Thread Ingo Chao
Scott Thigpen wrote: My site has a problem with the div id=content not centering in IE6. I don't know what gives, can someone help me out (it just shifts to the left) ... nevermind, I fixed it. it was the text align=center trick The ?xml

Re: [css-d] IE6 displaying some text twice

2008-10-05 Thread Ingo Chao
Tim Dawson wrote: ... See IE/6 duplicate char bug-- Thank you. That looks promising; I've had a quick look, but need to go back. I habitually use a comment when I close a division, as: /div!-- close divname -- So

Re: [css-d] animated gif workaround for MS Outlook 2007

2008-09-30 Thread Ingo Chao
Aubrey Benasa wrote: Hi there, Has anyone found a workaround for incorporating animated gifs in html email rendered in Outlook 2007? or displaying a static image in the worst case scenario? Thanks, Aubrey and Campaignmonitor

Re: [css-d] clearing a CSS float

2008-09-20 Thread Ingo Chao
Bill Brown wrote: ... Try this: ul, li { list-style: none; margin: 0; padding:0; } ul { display:inline-block; /* IE Float Clear, Part 1 */ overflow: hidden; /* Float Clear */ } ul { display:block;/* IE Float Clear, Part II */

Re: [css-d] Script disabling inline property in FF?

2008-09-17 Thread Ingo Chao
Gunlaug Sørtun wrote: Daniel Hammond wrote: URL: The column on the right is supposed to say Log in, but in FF3, the div for that column is moved down below the left column. Can not tell you exactly what's bugging FF3, but it looks like another

Re: [css-d] Getting round missing Child Selectors in IE67

2008-09-12 Thread Ingo Chao
Aaron Gray wrote: ... IE, even IE 7 does not support CSS Child Selectors ! As Philippe said, IE7 does in Standardsmode. I was wondering whether there is a work around at all Does this help, including the comments section?

Re: [css-d] google Chrome browser

2008-09-03 Thread Ingo Chao
Brian Cummiskey wrote: ... Any scary things we should be aware of? collects some problems in the comments here: I was not able to produce a list-style-type:square without a curve at left top (don't know if this is the common

Re: [css-d] google Chrome browser

2008-09-03 Thread Ingo Chao
2008/9/3 Ingo Chao [EMAIL PROTECTED] ... Did they have missed to publish a link to their public bug tracking system? Ingo Here: Ingo __ css-discuss [EMAIL

Re: [css-d] Can't make table cell behave

2008-08-31 Thread Ingo Chao
Alan K Baker wrote: ... The page is at: and the stylesheet is at: I want the first line of text in every td to be top aligned rather than as it is now, with a lot of

Re: [css-d] positioning problems (IE and Opera)

2008-08-28 Thread Ingo Chao
Elle Meredith wrote: ... the round corners in the main navigation -- one corner does not align. The site is at: #main-nav ul li a { /*screen.css (Line 68)*/ background: white url(../img/rounded-left.gif) no-repeat left bottom; ... I think

Re: [css-d] positioning problems (IE and Opera)

2008-08-28 Thread Ingo Chao
Elle Meredith wrote: ... In Opera 9 the main problem is that the logo is positioned too much to the left. Also my stage on the gallery page is again positioned to the left instead of right The site is at: It is absolutely positioned, but it

Re: [css-d] I must be fundementally misunderstanding something.

2008-08-28 Thread Ingo Chao
Alan Chandler wrote: ... YET. When I place a link to this file ahead of the main style sheet, the page stops being styled completely - its almost as if the second style sheet is ignored. If I move the link to this stylesheet until after the main one the page display works fine. I am

Re: [css-d] Pass full css file to IE6 but not IE7 - with CSS only

2008-08-14 Thread Ingo Chao
Manuel Razzari wrote: So, using conditional comments, I produced a CSS file which targets IE6 only. Then, due to an extremely bizarre client situation, it turns out I can't use conditional comments ... Any ideas? Or must I fall back to prepending * html to all my IE6 rules? Why not?

Re: [css-d] Odd ?bug? in IE7

2008-08-14 Thread Ingo Chao
Alan K Baker wrote: I was using IE7 today, with in excess of 10 tabs open. The last one happened to be where I was viewing the output from my edited code, on a dual screen. The css definition contains a reference to a 1 pixel png file that is repeated within a div in both x and y

Re: [css-d] Absolute Positioned Div Disappears in IE6

2008-08-08 Thread Ingo Chao
Elli Vizcaino wrote: Hi Folks, I have an absolutely positioned div in a relatively positioned div which is also floated left (see #sn_hdr_wrap and #sn_login-info). I am working with HTML that I CAN NOT touch but have to be able to reposition. It's fine in Windows FF, haven't tested IE7 nor

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