Re: cross-compiling kernel

2017-08-06 Thread Riccardo Mottola
Hi, Valery Ushakov wrote: This is strange. Anything in your /etc/mk.conf or environment? You can look at the /usr/obj/tooldir.NetBSD-8.99.1-amd64/bin/nbmake-i386 make wrapper script and check what does it set TOOLDIR too. I have this in mk.conf : CFLAGS+= -march=core2 CXXFLcoAGS +=

daily CVS update output

2017-08-06 Thread NetBSD source update
Updating src tree: P src/doc/CHANGES P src/doc/CHANGES.prev P src/lib/libarch/i386/i386_pmc_info.2 P src/sys/arch/arm/sunxi/files.sunxi P src/sys/arch/arm/sunxi/sun6i_dma.c P src/sys/arch/arm/sunxi/sun8i_h3_ccu.c U src/sys/arch/arm/sunxi/sun8i_h3_codec.c P src/sys/arch/arm/sunxi/sunxi_ccu.h P